Wow! It is January 27, 2003 9:32 PM. Must blow some dust off of this site. Anyhow, life has been bitter sweet. Though I have some wonderful people that have brought me out of the funk. Well, if they aren't getting me out of the funk at least they help me through it. :D Here is one of my old pages to keep you company for now.

The original message I deleted accidently when I saved on top of it. It was not meant to be I guess. Though the one remaining message and the most important one was this. Thank you to all who have replied to that single livejournal entry and to those who have helped me through out these years. While remaining at two friends' apartment in Austin, I had a chance to express myself again via my site. This time I'll be doing it the right and truely expressing myself through creation.
-Esther G. July 8 2002 12:04 A.M.